Frequently asked questions

What kind of warranty do we have?

All of our work comes included with a 1-year warranty. We absolutely love hearing from our clients any time, especially for opportunities to fix any warranty items. Oftentimes we won’t know about issues until our clients have had a chance to use their spaces. We are eager to hear how you are enjoying your spaces and love to continue to make things perfect!

What happens when unexpected things pop up during construction?

With our extensive experience, we are able to plan for most possibilities during construction. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to foresee everything. When the unforeseen comes up, you, your designer, and our construction manager will decide on the best solution and create a plan to fix it. Most of the time your contingency will cover these small unforeseen items so there is no need to fret!

How does the process work?

We have a 4 step process, starting with an initial interview. This is where we will sit down to chat about your project. We then have the design phase, after that construction, and then the finishing touches! In this way, we can ensure a smooth, organized project.

How do I know how much a renovation costs?

We begin talking about budget from day 1! This way, we can talk about the scope of work possible with your given budget. During the design process, we bring in each of the trades and decide on all design selections. By doing so, we are able to give an exact cost proposal for your job before construction begins. Keep in mind, this is real life not HGTV. It will most likely cost more than you expected. If you find that your eyes are bigger than your budget, we will guide you through different options to break your project into phases and the best way to approach this so that you get the best bang for your buck!

Do you work out of town?

Absolutely! We have worked in several other cities and states. We welcome the chance to work in any area. Before we travel out of town, we will discuss any extra travel expenses that may be required depending on the location.

Can I make suggestions to my designer? Will they listen to me?

Listening is our strongest talent. We want to create spaces that reflect YOUR design personality. We believe in both timeless and on trend designing and will couple that with your ideas and needs to give you exactly what you want. We feel successful when you feel like the space is a reflection of you!

What is the benefit of having your own construction crew?

Most interior designers work independently of the general contractors, meaning you would have to hire the designer and all the contractors individually. This of course also places the job of managing separate timelines, vetting vendors, and pulling the appropriate permits. By working with an interior designer that has an in-house construction crew, we take care of all of those details for you! Having all parts of the process working under one roof - from design to build - ensures a tighter timeline and an ability to guarantee quality craftsmanship.

What does an interior designer do?

An interior designer has advanced training and years of experience in many different modalities related to color, space planning, construction and many other areas. Our professional designers work one-on-one with you to solve any issues and fulfill your needs; meanwhile enhancing function, aesthetics, and budget. We will assist you through your project, creating a well thought out plan to help you avoid costly mistakes and handling all the stressful logistics of construction.

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