You Won't Believe How This Old Table, Takes on a New Life!

Table before very scratched

Table Very Scratched Before

Table Before very scratched!

Do you have a table that looks like this?  Well, let’s fix it!  My mother has a beautiful table  but she also loves to get rowdy with her girlfriends playing board games or doing crafts. This has caused a ton of wear and tear on her table.  In this post I will show you how to make it look like new again!

I won’t mislead you by saying this is a fast project, but it isn’t a hard one.  It just takes a little patience.  Hang in there though.  IT IS WORTH IT!!!

Stripping Supplies

Liquid Stripper Will Bubble Up

Scrape off Stripper and Top Coat

First, use a liquid stripper to remove the existing finish from your item.  You will want to wear rubber gloves, masks and have a well ventilated area for this project.  Apply the stripper to your entire item and then let it sit.  When you see the finish start to bubble up it is time to scrape away the finish.

Start with very coarse grit and move to very fine sandpaper

You are at finished sanding when the sawdust is powder

Make sure all the original finish is removed

Once you have removed the majority of the top coat or the shiny finish, it is time to sand.  Sanding will take the majority of the time.  You will start with a pretty coarse sandpaper and move to a very fine grit.  Watch this video for a great trick to know if you have sanded enough!

Use a cotton cloth in a circular motion to apply stain

Table with 3 coats of stain

Use a smooth roller to apply the a clear protective coat

After sanding you are ready to stain your item. (Check out this link to find out how we came up with the perfect stain color!)  If you have decided not to stain you will still want to apply some kind of protective clear coat to your item.  Wood will crack, stain and peel if it doesn’t have some kind of protective finish from moisture.  It is also a great idea to apply a wood conditioner before staining your item, as to ensure your stain adheres as even as possible.  TIP-between clear coats use a very fine steel wool to buff out any rough spots

Table after!

Look at our Table after!  We decided to have a piece of glass cut to fit the top to keep this beautiful top protected from those rowdy silver haired ladies!  I think it looks smashing!!!

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