Will it Save Me Money to Help With Construction?

I’ll often get the question, “What if I do my own ____?”. Whether you offer to do your own demo, paint, or install your own flooring, you won’t be saving money.

“I’ll do my own demo!”

Contrary to popular belief demo is not a very long part of the job, but it can have lasting consequences if done incorrectly. Because demo is usually pretty quick relative to the rest of the work, doing your own demo won’t save you very much time or labor costs. It’s also much more exhausting than you may anticipate. It may seem fun to swing a sledgehammer at some drywall but after the 20th swing your arms are going to be burning!

More importantly though, it is important that those doing the demolition are organized and up-to-date on the full job details. Because you don’t do this everyday, you may not know to remove things in the way that will be easiest for the job. When we demo, we have the future of the job planned. We remove plumbing and wires in a way that we know can work with later. When you do your own demo, inevitably some plumbing or wiring gets cut wrong or something that wasn’t supposed to be touched gets damaged. Ultimately, you’ll end up paying extra money for things to be fixed and your muscles are going to be sore for days. Really why hire a construction team if you are going to do all the heavy lifting?

“What if I paint?”

Unfortunately, the same goes for doing your own painting. This isn’t a complicated task but it is time consuming. We have painting scheduled efficiently by professionals, so we know when it will start and when it will be done. Especially in these cases, you can’t move on with the job until they are done. Generally we have a crew of painters that are practiced at quickly and accurately painting. Most likely you would be doing this in little bits when you aren’t at work. You’ll paint a little bit in the evenings and a little bit on the weekends. Progress stalls and those trades that are waiting for paint to be finished have to work on other jobs. We can’t guarantee they’ll be ready back when I need them.
It also takes time (which directly translates to money) for our crew to set up and take down. If we are doing all the work for you, then we only have to set up once. However, if we have to set up for drywall and then take everything out so you can paint and then come back and set up again for cabinet install, then you’re paying for that extra labor.
Not only will your renovation start to feel like it never ends, but the longer the construction time the more it’ll cost you.
The “You do part and I’ll do part” type of construction is harder on everyone involved. Your renovation will take much longer and cost you more in the end.

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4 Ways to Save Money

Renovating your home into your dream can come at an overwhelming price. Believe me, I understand the urge to try to minimize unnecessary costs. There are ways to make that bill easier to swallow.
We want you to be in love with your space. However to get what you want for the price you want doesn’t always work, in fact it often doesn’t. Most times you will either have to adjust your desires, picking what you want most so it fits in with your ideal budget OR if you want to get everything exactly how you want it, you may have to adjust your idea of how much you’re willing to pay. We will sometimes do jobs in phases, so you can break up the cost more. That of course will impact the time frame for your job though. In case I haven’t beaten this dead horse too much yet, the point is you can get the renovation you’ll be in love with, you just can’t have it all.
As far as pricing, you can take a few steps to make a job fit more into your ideal budget range.

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1. Phases

First, you may have to reprioritize what you want done now. 
Unfortunately, the price for things like flooring can be surprisingly expensive. You may decide that that part of the job doesn’t matter as much to you as say getting new cabinets. We can set up a renovation in stages, where we complete the aspects that you want most done now and then after you’ve had time to save up more money, we can go in and do the rest.

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2. Selections

Secondly, you can also minimize cost through your selections. Maybe you had your heart set on a quartz countertop that can run at $50-$150 per square foot, but you find a solid surface corona countertops that average only  $45-$65 per square foot and fits your aesthetic. Opening yourself up to more material options can help fit things into budget.

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3. Layout

Another possibility to keep the costs low is simply by keeping plumbing locations in the same place. You may think it would be nicer to have the sink on a different wall, more power to you! But moving plumbing is one of the most surprising price tags to homeowners. Keeping drains and water lines in the same place makes renovating your bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen cheaper too.

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4. Hire a Team

Finally, the easiest way to ease your financial strain is to hire a good design and construction team. I know I may seem biased and it feels like that’s extra money but truthfully it isn’t. You are spending that money to save money in the long run. Starting off with professionals that have a solid plan from the start, saves you the extra costs that come with poorly planned or inefficient construction. As an expert team of designers and contractors, we can anticipate possible complications that you may not think of. You also save the money and stress of having to redo work, enduring unending timelines, and reordering wrong materials. By hiring someone who is experienced, you get the perk of using our vendor connections as well. Most the time we get to offer lower cost for materials because we can buy in bulk or we get deals from our relationships with vendors. Which then you get to benefit from!

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The Answer

Doing your own construction work is just simply not going to save you any money and it certainly won’t save you time.
Construction and renovations are understandably stressful. It is difficult the happy balance between getting what you want, when you want it, for the price you want to pay. But that is what we are here for! Design and construction teams are experienced at making the process as painless as possible. We definitely don’t want you to spend money where you don’t have to. However, doing your own work really isn’t the best way to save money on your job.
Instead, devote your energy to hiring a good team, being patient and open minded with selections, and consider doing the work in phases.

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