What Was I Thinking? I Let My Husband Dress Me for a Week!

Husband Dress intro


I know, I know!  What was I thinking?!?  When my husband presented his idea to dress me for 5 days I thought it sounded like a playful idea.  How bad could it be?  LAUGH OUT LOUD!  Ok, it really wasn’t all that bad.  Would you allow your husband to dress you for a week?

The Rules-

He had to pick out my clothes, my shoes and my jewelry for all five days.

I had to wear whatever he picked.   Eek!

Day 1 of my Husband Dressing Me

Day 1- As described by my husband-“I liked the skirt and boots but I didn’t know what shirt to pick so I just picked a shirt I thought you looked good in”  Hmm that makes for and interesting combination of choices.

Day 2 of my husband dressing me

Day 2- I had a client meeting this day so my husband found a very “business”  outfit for me.  I felt it was a bit safe, but certainly nothing embarrassing.  The shoes are cute;)

Day 3 of my husband dressing me

Day 3- I can only blame myself for this outfit because for some reason I had these items in my closet, AND HE FOUND THEM!  As I was putting this on I kept asking my husband if he was serious.  I was hoping once he saw it he would change his mind.  NOPE!  He insisted it was awesome.  Ok this was not his best work.

Day 4 letting my husband dress me

Day 4- I’m convinced my husband used this week to fulfill some of his hidden fantasies. This was his sports enthusiast wife day.  I had to admit it was kind of cute just completely outside my comfort zone.  At one point someone commented to me that they thought I looked “a little different then usual”.  haha YUP you could say that!

Day 5 of letting my husband dress me

Day 5- LAST DAY!  Phew we made it!  I had a very important new client meeting this day so my husband took about an hour selecting this outfit for me.  He did a pretty good job I thought.  I have to admit I wore a different necklace to the meeting but the overall outfit was pretty cute.

By the end of the week my husband said he was relieved to be done.  He said he thought it was more fun in his mind but it was a lot more work than he anticipated.  He was such a great sport with all the razzing I gave him all week.  Thank you sweetie for being my fashion assistant!

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