What Treasures Do You Find on a Road Trip? See What I Found!

Proper Meat Company

What a fantastic find!  A few weeks ago my family and I went on a road trip.  To ease our aching bones along the way we stopped in Flagstaff for some lunch.  As we walked around the charming downtown area my husband suggested we head into this little deli/butcher shop.  It was AMAZING!  I was immediately captivated by the decor.  The delicious smells were intoxicating and the staff was just delightful! Proper Meat and Provisions was a real treat!  

Proper Meats 02

I looked around this space and said “oh my gosh!  I looove the green chalkboards against the red wood wall!  That is my favorite!”  “No wait I loove the wood added to the folding chairs and the farm table instead of traditional restaurant seating!”  ” Oh Wait!  I didn’t see the display!  That area is my favorite!”  Needless to say, I had a bit of crush on this little shop.  I wanted to give my valentine to this shop!

Historic Brewing Company

Next door to the Proper Meat and Provisions is the Historic Brewing Company.  We did not have the pleasure of eating there, but I was struck by some of their design choices.  This SPECTACULAR reclaimed wood wall was of note for sure!

Yucca Valley, California

My brother and his partner took us to this adorable little old west town in Yucca Valley, California.  It was charming and rustic.  It had all the fixin’s of a good ole’ fashion cowboy movie!  Complete with cardboard horses!!! HA HA I bet you couldn’t even tell those were fake!

I knew I had left the wild west, when I saw this…


We had a fantastic time!  There are several other places and items of design inspiration I will share from our adventure in a few weeks.  If you travel this summer keep your eyes peeled for inspiration, and please share with us here.  We would love to see what you come across!

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