What is in a Name?


Recently I read an article from the Comedian Jeff Wysaski. He decided to have a little fun with unsuspecting paint shoppers. He used his Photoshop skills and renamed several paint samples in the local hardware stores. Take a look and see what you think of his humorous take on paint colors. Hilarious Fake Paint Names!

How often do you ask yourself  “who comes up with these names?”  Whether it be paint, cars, lipstick, fabric, or carpet. Over the years I have learned that names of items really impact our opinions of the selections we make.  I have said that if you want to entice someone by the name use food inspired labels. For example… Chocolate brown, cocoa, wine, cranberry, mocha… I have to admit I have picked a wall color on more than one occasion because I like the title.  Are you guilty of being influenced in your decision by the name of the color?

What to do with all those paint samples?  My daughter is obsessed with collecting paint chips.  Check out these amazing uses for your collections of paint chips.

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11 Magnolia Lane


Classy Clutter


In My Own Style


DIY Ready


Atypical Type A


Atypical Type A

Show us how your have reimagined your paint chips!

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