Weddings and Remodels, what do they have in common?

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Interior design has always been in my blood and imprinted on my genes. However, it is not my first career. I was once a successful upscale event and wedding planner. When I finished design school and began my career full time as an interior designer, I realized the tools I gained in my previous career serves me quite well. My remodel clients needs aren’t all that different than the needs of my brides were. While the decision to remodel may not be as important a decision as the person you will spend the rest of your life with, it will likely positively (or negatively) impact your life for many many years. If your designer and contractor don’t treat you like your remodel is your next “Big Day,” they are not the one for you! However, with the right professional, and the right help, your remodel will be a memory for the ages. I will show you that if you plan your remodel like planning a well run wedding, you will be a happier home owner in the end!

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A great deal of thought and money goes into the decision to get married or to remodel your home. Once the decision is made, the Pinterest board soon follows and the day dreams begin. Should I choose a band or a DJ? Or brushed copper or chrome?  One advantage with remodel over marriage, there is no pressure to have a grand gesture when deciding to take on a home remodeling project! No flash mobs or gesture at a sports stadium. It simply requires all decision makers to want something better for your home. BONUS! Once either decision has been made, frequently we are overwhelmed with many emotions. People often experience a feeling of both excitement for the future but also maybe a feeling of where do I begin? (Or even what have I got myself into)?!? Don’t worry! These are normal feelings.


Most people know what theme they want for their wedding and many know what color they want in their bathroom, but there are so many more decisions to make. Both a weddings and a remodels require many moving parts and more details than one person can keep up with. A professional knows the things you don’t, and knows how to make your plan come true. DIY is okay for small affairs or changes but most decisions are made better with the help of an expert.

Hiring the RIGHT professional is key. Weddings and remodels are personal and fairly long processes. By the end you most likely will have spent a lot of time together. The professional will have seen inside your walls and inside your relationship (regardless if you are planning a wedding or remodel) thus it’s important to find someone you trust and understands what YOU want to achieve, not what THEY hope to achieve. Sometimes the right professional for you isn’t someone that has the longest resume.  It is always about the service they give.  Find someone with a sense of humor! This is not simply a suggestion but a must.  You will experience stressful times. The only other time I can think of that is more stressful is having a baby. Finding someone that can laugh with you in a stressful time is will definitely cut the stress.


Coming up with the right plan is arguably as important as selecting the right professional to work with! If you take the time to plan the details, your result will be exceptionally better. With both weddings and home remodel the best plans work from the desired result backwards. Home remodels start with how the client wants their space to look and how they want to use it and work back by creating drawings, selecting materials, color palettes, virtual models and inspiration boards. The best plans for both wedding and home remodels involve a crew of specialty vendors. The professionals know the right person or people to make the magic happen.


This is the part that happens behind the scenes, the time when the designer/planner is ordering all your beautiful items. If you are planning a wedding it would be the time your flowers, food, and photographer are being lined up…for your remodel it is ordering all your tile, cabinets, flooring and countertops, coordinating all the vendors, scheduling and arranging all the sub-contractors. This is hard work but not exciting enough to put on the tv shows. 🙂


When planning a wedding, the rehearsal is common. The idea is that just before the big event happens all the key individuals come together to walk through the details of the event, so everyone knows their part. It’s the time when questions can be asked, directions given and kinks worked out before the big day! I was perplexed to find that a rehearsal doesn’t typically happen in the design industry. I have implemented this very important step in my company. It is a game changer! Before every new project start we do a “Rehearsal” to take care of every final detail. I encourage you to ask that your crew do the same. It will make a world of difference with how smoothly the construction process goes.


Okay. Let’s be real. If we are doing a remodel it will be more than a day as this isn’t “reality” TV. But there is a day when it all comes together.  Whether you are working on a wedding or a remodel, I will warn you that there is always something unexpected that will come up. (Notice I didn’t say something will go wrong)? If handled correctly, these unexpected events are usually opportunities for our creativity. Often we are more happy with the result than our original idea. Expect to have to pivot during construction you will be so much happier with a flexible attitude during the process. If adequate planning has been made prior to starting the process most of it will be relatively smooth.  Whether it is your wedding or a remodel, the more you can let the professionals take over during the process the more you will be able to relax and enjoy the journey.


Because you hired the right professionals, had a great plan, and were flexible during the process you now have either a beautiful marriage or a beautiful home! Sit back and ENJOY!

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