ONE ROOM CHALLENGE- Pretty in Pink- Week 1

One Room Challenge- Pretty In Pink Before

I must be crazy to take this on right now but, after last year’s experience with the One Room Challenge, I am hooked! My daughter has asked me to redesign her room. We originally designed her room based on her high school tastes. Now that she is a young adult and will likely be living at home while she is in college, she wants her room to reflect this latest chapter of her life.

My Daughter, Belle,  has agreed to assist with a great deal of the work on this project, THANK GOODNESS!!! It might be the only way this One Room Challenge is accomplished because momma is busy!

Our plan for her room is to have a more pastel and romantic feel.

Check out our inspiration board.

Belle's Room Inspiration

Come back next week see our detailed plan! I can’t wait!

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