ONE ROOM CHALLENGE- Junky to Funky! You Won't Believe This Office Transformation! WEEK ONE

This is a very exciting time of year to be a design blogger.  One Room Challenge is back and I’m fired up to be a part of it!  One Room Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for design bloggers to makeover a room while sharing their ideas and then blog about it every week!  As you can see, my “office” (I use that term loosely)  is in dire need of a makeover!  I am almost embarrassed to even show you these pictures.  I am a woman of vision thus, I call this room my office but it has unfortunately become the junk-drawer-catch-all of the house.  I have waited for the right time to turn my vision into a reality and the One Room Challenge has given me the perfect excuse and I SHALL WAIT NO MORE!  Over the next six weeks you all will get to see how this space transforms into a legitimate office…my office!

Above, you will see my planning board. I have selected a few furniture items that I think will be perfect in my office and I have collected a few accessories that really gets me going.  I have decided to use a fairly soft color palette with punches of bold accessories and accents.  Follow along with me during this process.   I think you will find some pretty cool projects and design tips!

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