Office After - 07

We made it to the end of our One Room Challenge!  Thank you so much to Calling It Home for hosting this amazing event.

I have my dream job.  I have amazing opportunities to create unique, personal, beautiful spaces for other people every day.  So the chance to finally develop a space that represented MY tastes, was a treat!  When I design for a client, it is the client who determines the style infused into their space.  I get to help my clients realize their own person style and that’s what makes my job so darn fun.  I may bounce from southwest, art deco, mid-century, to rustic country, all in the same week but this time…oh, this time, I was able to design my own work space and in my own design style!  So you may ask, “WHAT IN THE WORLD IS YOUR DESIGN STYLE?!”  My personal design style is Davey Crockett meets Audrey Hepburn. By that I mean, I love to mix a bit of rustic with classic sophistication.

Ok, so enough jibber jabber, right?  Let’s look at this office already!  If you want a good scare, take a look at the before pictures of my office, here!

Office After - 12

Office After 03
Office After - 07

Office After - 11

Office After - 06

Office After - 08
Office After - Wood Wall - 17

Office After- 08

This wood panel wall is yummy! I truly have a crush on it.  On Friday I will give you all the DIY details on the wood panel wall (in case you want one of your own to crush on), but for now, I want to show you how a little bit of texture can makes such a big difference in the room.

Office After - 19

I know I have already gushed endlessly about my ceiling light but I still feel like it is worth bringing up at least once again. I bought the light at an indoor flea market a couple years ago and have kept it in my storage unit just waiting for the perfect moment to use it. A little rewiring (thank you hubby) and a ceiling medallion to set it apart from the gorgeous green ceiling and viola! Literally and figuratively it’s a crowning piece.

Office After - Yellow Lamp - 05

How about this beautiful table lamp?  I found this lamp at my local Re-Store a couple years ago. Again, I kept it in my storage unit for the perfect moment (are you seeing a pattern?:))  When I brought it home my hubby asked me “Did you buy that on purpose?”  HAHA!  I LOVE it and I LOVE it in here!

Office After - Chair - 15

So, the story with my office chair… I lived in Ohio for a few years.  One day I was driving down the street on garbage day and noticed this beautiful chair out on the curb. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?  I slammed on my brakes, pulled over, and snatched it up before they came to their senses. It really is Another Man’s Treasure! (Or woman’s in my case).

Office After - 09

Office After - 10

Office After 07

Office After 02

PHEW!  I’m pooped (even my doggy is tired:)) but I’m just tickled to have been a part of this One Room Challenge. I wan’t to thank Purdy for sponsoring all the painting supplies.  I couldn’t have done it without them because I literally painted EVERYTHING possible!

Shopping List

World Market- Studio Day Sofa

World Market- Harbin Accent Table

La-Z-Boy -Asian Stool

La-Z-Boy- Oversized Wall Clock

La-Z-Boy – Metal Deer Head

Lowe’s – Allen & Roth Floor Lamp

Lowes – Allen & Roth Table Lamp

Coscto – Sheepskin Area Rug

Various Accessories

At Home, Target, & Hobby Lobby

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