ONE ROOM CHALLENGE - A New Color for a Few Old Items! Week 4

I have often told clients that wanted to make a fast, inexpensive transformation to almost any item (or space) the answer is almost always…PAINT!

This week in our One Room Challenge update I am introducing you to a couple of items that will be in my office.  The first little treasure is my sewing desk.  I bought this Goodwill desk many years ago for $35 dollars.  Yes, it is an antique, however, it is not valuable, so a splash of paint and personality with got me excited.

Red Sewing Desk Before Wax

The next item that gets me going  is an AMAZING shelf gifted by my sweet mother-in-law.  This shelf was once used to display shoes many years ago.  I think it will the perfect storage system for my office.  It just needs a little facelift.  I decided to paint the shelf the same color as the trim in the office.  Okay, to be fair I have only completed the primer stage but I promise, by the end of the One Room Challenge it will be all done and even more AMAZING!

Shoe Storage Shelf Before
Shoe Storage Shelf Primed

The Punch List Update- I think I might be able to see the finish line!!!

  • Create Floor plan
  • Pick Wall Colors
  • Paint Ceiling
  • Rewire light
  • Hang light
  • Paint walls
  • Cut & paint wood planks for wall
  • Install wood plank wall
  • Paint Crown Moulding
  • Install Crown Moulding
  • Prime Shelf
  • Paint Shelf
  • Make Roman Shade
  • Build Desk
  • Paint Sewing Desk
  • Hang Floating Shelf
  • Hang Roman Shade
  • Assemble Day Bed
  • Attain Accent Pillows
  • Final INSTALL!
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