One Last Outdoor Overhaul!

Front Entry Before

Before the sun goes into hiding for the next few months, I plan on squeezing in one more outdoor project!  My front entrance has needed an overhaul, BIG TIME!!!  Some of you might remember a few months back when I asked for some input on what color I should paint my door.  Who knew that would start this project domino?  After stepping back and looking at it all, I realized I couldn’t paint the door and walk away from the rest.  My hubby just LOOOVES it when this happens.  HA!  Oh boy! Do I have some exciting things planned to transform this space! In the picture below I have detailed my plan.

Front Entry Plan

Stay tuned over the next week as I show my step by step DIY tutorial on how to make shutters, rewire a light, and many other cool details from this project!  Of course, you won’t want to miss the best part either, THE REVEAL!

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