My Accent Wall is Dancing on My Ceiling!- Purdy Knows What We Need.

Purdy Painting Supplies

I was lucky enough to score some fancy Purdy painting supplies recently.  As I played with the Power Lock Professional Grade Extension Pole(maybe as if it was a light saber), I realized it was the answer to my design prayers!  When I was in the process of designing my new office space for the One Room Challenge, I knew I wanted a vibrant accent wall, but which wall???

Hey wait a minute, why does my accent wall have to be a wall?  Why can’t it be my ceiling?  The Purdy extension pole made painting the ceiling so easy.  I’m not sure if you have ever used extension poles from the other guys, but I have.  BOOO!  The Purdy extension pole has a lock for ANY position.  Have you ever twisted a roller handle onto an extension pole, only to have it untwist as you start to use it?  Not to worry that is no longer a problem with this bad boy!  I have heard concerns from my clients and maybe even my hubby that painting the ceiling will make the room feel smaller.  It is actually a trick to the eye that can make they ceiling fall away and make your room feel taller.

I’m absolutely in love with my new ceiling!  It is exactly the accent wall I was hoping for.  Take a look at the before and after images below of the walls and ceiling.  I think the room feels brighter and cheery.  Stay tuned next week for the complete room reveal!  This transformation certainly could not have been possible without the amazing Purdy Products considering every surface or item imaginable has been painted!  I really do believe that every job is made easier with the right tools.  Thank you Purdy!

Green Ceiling

Before and After with Desk and Shelf

Before and After Office Slanted Wall

If you still aren’t quite convinced yet to make your ceiling your accent wall,  check out how these fine folks pulled it off.


Made By Mood


Young House Love


Alicia Weaver Design


Photo courtesy of

This is week 5 in the On room Challenge update!  The room is almost done.  One week left to get everything done.  Jeepers!

The Punch List Update- One Week left REALLY?!?  

  • Create Floor plan
  • Pick Wall Colors
  • Paint Ceiling
  • Rewire light
  • Hang light
  • Paint walls
  • Cut & paint wood planks for wall
  • Install wood plank wall
  • Paint Crown Moulding
  • Install Crown Moulding
  • Prime Shelfs
  • Paint Shelfs
  • Hang Shelfs
  • Make Roman Shade
  • Build Desk
  • Paint Desk
  • Paint Sewing Desk
  • Hang Roman Shade
  • Assemble Day Bed
  • Attain Accent Pillows
  • Final INSTALL!

For more tips and techniques for painting check out Purdy’s House of Paint.

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