Mix and Match Your Stains! Go Ahead, Get Crazy!


Have you ever tried to find a color of stain to match an existing item, or just you imagination, only to find the color selections a bit poor at your hardware store?  I want you to take the power of the mixing into your own hands!  That is right, you can mix those stains just like paint to get your perfect color!

Table no finish, with chair to match

I recently refinished my mother’s dining table.  She asked if I could match the color to her existing chairs.  As you can see here the bare wood of the table is MUCH lighter than her chairs.


When I went to find stain for the table, I was a bit grumpy because I couldn’t find what I wanted.  So, I purchased 4 different colors in small cans.  I mixed the two colors in the picture above, together in equal parts in a jar.  (Be sure to mark your jar.  It looks a lot like my morning smoothie.  I learned the hard way. YUCK!!!)  After trying a couple coats on underside of my table I was satisfied.  It looked beautiful!

Table after!

As you can see here, it is a perfect match!  You would have thought they were purchased together.  Happy mommy:)

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