Lipstick Red Looks Great on a Goodwill Stool!

Goodwill Stool Before and After

When I saw this sweet stool staring at me from the back shelves of my local Goodwill I knew it would be perfect for my outdoor entry.  It just needed a little makeover.  It was a bargain at only $12.99!



It didn’t look too bad at first sight.

Finish Chipping

However, upon closer inspection the finish was chipping pretty bad. Not to worry.  I knew with a little TLC it would be as good as new.

Elmers Wood Filler


I removed all the loose paint, added a wood filler, and sanded it smooth.  Easy Breezy!

With the existing paint repaired the stool was ready to get a new coat of paint.  I chose to use high gloss red spray paint.  With high gloss, you will need multiple coats to achieve a glossy finish.

Goodwill Stool After

I think it turned out smashing!

I would just be tickled to see what you create!

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