I Put My Client in the Closet!

Bold Secretary Desk

When my client said she wanted me to design her office around her BEAUTIFUL antique secretary desk I jumped at the chance!  However, this design did come with a few challenges.  My client was hoping we could incorporate an office, guest room, reading space, and her secretary desk in this 10′ x 12′ room.  Hmmm…  My solution you ask?  I put her in the closet!

We decided to take the closet out to make room for her desk space.   After removing the doors, painting the walls a dramatic coral color, all that was needed for the work surface were 2 filing cabinets and a piece of wood cut to size.  Easy peasy!

Coral Closet

Desk and Sleeper close up

I selected a small sleeper sofa for the seating.  This way she can have a comfortable place to read or enjoy a cup of coffee, but when necessary she can pop it out to accommodate her guests.

Doggy's new home

This is her favorite guest!

Horizontal Office With Secretary

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