How to select upholstery fabric

“I’m thinking about reupholstering my dining room chairs because they are a light ivory color which is just not practical for me.  I’m not very experienced with reupholstering.  I would like to do a pattern of some kind.  What would you suggest I look for when I’m selecting my new fabric?”

Dining room chairs are a very good project for someone that wants to get their feet wet with reupholstering. They will give you a big impact with not a lot of hassle.  Selecting a fabric with pattern is a great idea because it will hide a multitude of flaws in the process and any small stains that might arise over the years.  I would suggest a fabric that is upholstery or drapery weight so that it will hold up from the wear and tear of a dining chair.

I would suggest staying away from a stripe if you are fairly new to reupholstering.  Stripes are very complicated to keep straight and if any seems are needed you will have to worry about lining the stripes up.  Other than that have fun and be adventurous!  There are not very many opportunities to bring pattern, and color into a dining room so this is your chance to make a statement!

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