Give your space a rearrange refresh!

When I was a little girl my mother was very accommodating with my budding design interests. One of the things I just couldn’t get enough of was rearranging our furniture. Luckily I was in middle school and had a young back. It was nothing for me, at the time, to move the piano or sofa back and forth in or living room until I found just the right spot.

Tisha and Kara-Designer Tricks

When I was done my mother and I were always so rejuvenated by the feeling of a completely new space without spending a dime!

I still believe that a simple refresh of our spaces can make an enormous impact in our homes but it just doesn’t make sense for us to go through the back breaking effort of moving all our furniture back and forth all day. These days there are so many fantastic digital room planner tools that we can use to map out our room quickly and easily. I suggest that when we are hankering for a change in our space and maybe the pocket book isn’t cooperating for all new furniture? LET’S DO A REARRANGE!

Here is how I do one for my clients

First, Find an online floor plan tool or app that your find user friendly. There are several free services out there for the everyday consumer’s now. I created these examples using the free software from using their room planner.  It’s my favorite!

Second, When measuring your room take the overall measurement of the room. What is the length and depth? Then measure any smaller walls, angles, bay windows. Now find the location of your doors, windows and structural items such as a fireplace or columns. Don’t worry about what others will think of your drawing. This isn’t going to the building department for inspection. This is just for your own piece of mind.

Third, Before you decide what you are going to keep in your room look at your room holistically. It’s a rare occasion for us to take a step back from our space a see it from an outsider’s perspective. Take a look at your room as if you have never seen it. Be sure you truly evaluate every item you are putting back in the space. Make sure you REALLY need or love it! Once you have decided on the items you will be using, take some quick measurements of the large furniture pieces. Focus only on overall width, depth, and height. Don’t be concerned with the details of the chair or sofa. Think of it as a rectangle or block shape. This is just to get an idea of how much room it will need in the space. NOTE: When placing items in your floor plan be sure to accommodate for 3′ traffic paths and 1 ½’ to walk around a cocktail table.

Now the fun begins!

Try Several Different Layouts

You will be able test out all your ideas and maybe even some you hadn’t thought of before. Try them out without lifting a finger. Ok, you will have to lift one finger on your keyboard. HA! I recommend when creating your different floorplans always remove every piece and start with a blank slate. Try things in crazy places. You will be surprised with what you come up with. Create one floor plan. Then take out all the furniture and start with just the shell again. So that nothing affects your choices. Who cares right now while they are just little icons on your computer! Be adventurous! A lot of my clients let things like the cable input, or an electrical outlet determine where they put their furnishings. Let all those constraints go. Do what works best for how you function in your home. It is usually very easy to have the cable company out to rewire a new outlet or an electrician move outlets for a small fee.

Below is a standard room. Done with 4 different arrangements. All using similar furnishings.  When you are doing your plan be open to possibly taking items from other areas in your home.


Thinking about home improvement?

Another fun aspect of the digital floorplan tools you can try out your home improvements before making the big investment. You might have been thinking about painting in this room. Or maybe putting in new flooring but you just aren’t sure if you want hardwood or tile. With the color and materials options most of these tools offer you can try out your choices first. Even try an accent wall or flooring color choice you hadn’t thought of. Try an area rug or put that area rug on an angle! What an angle? Ok now you are just getting kookie!


Once you decide on the winning floor plan, simply implement. No more guess work. Show me your favorite Rearrange Refresh!

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