For Christine…..

Pink Chaise

I frequently receive requests online for interior design work.  Every time I get an alert that I have a new request, I get a surge of excitement!  These new clients are like meeting new friends.

This week I received a quote through email.  These emails have a pretty standard format.  The type of project, budget, style they would like…

The details of the quote I received went as follows:

  • Type of Project– Interior Decor
  • Project Description– Teen Bedroom, in need of furniture selection, color selection, space planning, and Lighting.
  • Clients Style– Modern
  • Contact– Client would like to be contacted via phone call to schedule meeting
  • Best time to contact client- Afternoons

I received this information, the clients first name, Christine, and her phone number.  I thought, “A teen bedroom? Well this sounds fun!”  I called the number and asked for Christine.  The woman who answered the phone had a puzzled tone in her voice and said “who?”  I replied “Is Christine there?”  The woman asked “What is this regarding, please?”  I explained to her that I’m a designer and responding to an online request for design services.  I continued the contact name on the request was Christine and  I was calling the given number.  The woman queried “And Christine asked for this?” I replied “Yes ma’am.” The woman said “Well…I have to tell you that Christine is 8 years old!”  I laughed a little and somewhat sheepishly replied “Oh well. Um, I guess she is very tech savvy!”   However, the woman asked with a mixture of exasperation and hesitation in her voice “Well, do you want to talk to Christine?”  I was shocked!  I really didn’t know what to say, but I thought, “What the heck? It can’t hurt.”  So, I agreed.  A little rustling over the phone and then I heard the sweetest little girl saying “Hello?”  I said “Hi, Christine!”  Again, a very sweet and timid voice responded saying, “Yes?”  So, I made my pitch stating “Christine, My name is Letisha and I’m an interior designer.  I understand you are hoping to redecorate your bedroom.  Is that right?”  Christine a bit less timidly, “uh huh.” “Well that is very exciting!”  I asked “Does your mom and dad know that you want to redecorate your room?”  Her, “Ummm…uh…No.”  I asked, “So was this something you decided to do all by yourself?”  Christine replied sweetly  with a little pride, “mmm hmmm.”  I asked, “Do you have any ideas in mind for your room already or is that what you want my help with?”  She said “No not really. I need help.”  I said, “Ok, what colors would you like to have in your room?”  Then Christine got a bit more energized!  She happily said “I like pink!  I want pink.”  I replied, “Oh for sure!  I think pink is a great idea!”  I then asked her “Do you have any hobbies or activities you like to do in your room?”  She thought about it for a few moments and then I heard a voice in the background reminding her of something. Then Christine said “Oh yeah, I like to read.”  I responded “Oh that is wonderful!  Do you have a chair in your room where you can sit and read?”  She said, “No.”  I asked her, “Would you like that?”  Another one word reply, “Yeah.”  I suggested, “Maybe when you get your chair for reading, you could get a good lamp next to it to make sure you always have plenty of light when you read.”  She then said “I like that!”  I then told her,  “Well Christine, it sounds like you are a very smart girl.  I think you will be able to create something pretty cool, but if you and your parents decide they want my help just call me.” Again the sweet, meek Christine reply “Okay.”

This little girl was wonderful.  She was a ray of sunshine in my week.  I just had to share her ingenuity, sweetness, and her ability to troubleshoot.  She saw a problem and decided to find a solution on her own.  Just in case my youngest client is following, I have included some pink bedroom ideas below for Ms. Christine. You’re never to young (or too old) to develop your own style.


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