Fashion Friday’s – Trench Coats and Cool Jackets!


If I was being honest my springtime fashion would be a Costco supply of allergy medicine and a tissue box attached to my side like a Coach purse! Oh well, I will focus on the positives.  The positives?  The opportunity to wear totally cute springtime outerwear!  I love the bright colors and patterns.  In this issue of Fashion Friday’s I highlight some of my favorite pieces.  

Why do I love a trench coat?  They can go from casual to dressy with ease.  They are flattering on multiple body shapes and never go out of style.

Here are two of my favorites!

Green Trench Coat
Pink Paisley Trench Coat

I’m also a big fan of anything black and white!  Herringbone is a classic pattern and in a light springtime jacket creates a sophisticated look.

Herringbone Jacket

Leather is great in every season!  Ok maybe it’s a struggle in summer.  Otherwise, I just LOVE it!  A cute bomber jacket and scarf can dress up any outfit!

Leather Bomber Jacket and Scarf

(This face is…”Are we done taking pictures? PLEASE?”)

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