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Nothing gets this ole’ girl’s motor running like finding a good bargain. I know I’m not alone. So I thought I would share some fun money saving tips.

I recently wrote a post regarding my inspirations photos (link). For this article I was designing a space in my dining room inspired by a landscape photo I took while driving to a friend’s baby shower. When I was out looking for just the right items for the room I happened upon some pretty fantastic bargains. Oh boy was I excited! You will hear me say often that 2 of the key ingredients to a complete design is Lighting and Life. I found both of these for a steal!

First: Lighting, There are so many different forms of lighting a room needs. I was looking for just a touch of accent lighting in the form of candles. I really like a live flame but for this room I wanted to try a flameless candle. These can often times either be kind of cheesy or very expensive. I found the perfect option at Costco. They came in a Multi Pack of 12 candles with a variety of sizes, real scented wax, and realistic looking wicks for only $9.99! You heard me right! I bought 2 of course and now I wish I bought more. They really are so pretty and the light vanilla smell is just so pleasant. They have three settings. On, off, or Timer. LOVE THEM!

Flameless Candles

Second: Life adds breath to a space that is undeniable. Maybe it is in the form of a bud in a vase or herbs in a window. Maybe you have a knack for gardening and you have live plants that flourish! No matter who you are a little life in every room is the finishing touch that makes every room sing. That was the ingredient I was looking for. I had in mind a bundle of green placed in the center of my table. I think I happened on the perfect solution. This time of year a lot of plants are on clearance in the local home improvement centers because they are changing out their inventory. They are moving into the spring/summer. This is your gain! I have a long rectangle table and liked the idea of a rectangle centerpiece. What did I find? A window box! It was the perfect shape, had the rustic wood finish I wanted for my room. It was also fantastic to plant my beautiful new clearance foliage. WIN, WIN, WIN! This beautiful new centerpiece brings in that breath of fresh air that only a great live plant can, and it was only $22.00!

Planterbox Centerpiece
Dining Room Decor 01

What frugal finds have you come across?

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