Custom art framed for a steal


Nothing gets this ole’ girl’s motor running like finding a good bargain. I know I’m not alone. So I thought I would share some fun money saving tips.  

I never question my husband’s love for me, unless his favorite band is in town and then I really wonder who he loves more. He has a very special collection of lithographs from a few specific concerts that I wanted to frame for him. I received a quote from our local framing store. They were offering a “buy one get one free sale” so I jumped on that!   I picked a very basic frame, plain ivory matte, nothing too fancy. The final total was $389.00 EACH! WHAT? OH NO! This will not do! I love my dear husband but that was not quite the “deal” I was looking for. So I went hunting. I went to the craft store and found 2 inexpensive frames. I asked the associate at the store if they could cut a matte for me. He gave me 10 colors to choose from. I chose a neutral ivory with a black inside. The very helpful attendant was more than happy to cut it on the spot. Then he offered to assemble the frames and place a hanger on the back. I almost said no. What a mistake that would have been! The back is almost as beautiful as the front.

Picture Back

Beautiful black liner paper to keep the dust out. So in less than 20 min I had two beautiful “custom” art pieces for a bargain.   I loved them so much I framed 2 more lithographs my husband had.

Custom Art Picture 01
Custom Art Picture 02

Can you believe for only $65.00 I was able to get both images done? Now my hallway has great looking new art and the hubby doesn’t have to decide between his two greatest loves!

Custom Art 03 Hallway Before
Custom Art 04 Hallway After

What frugal finds have you come across?

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