Craigslist and New Pals

I’m a Craigslist addict!  I sometimes spend hours browsing items and thoughtfully considering how I can acquiring said items.  I didn’t know I needed fill dirt but now that I see I can have it for FREE I feel a sense of urgency to have all of it!  As you might guess, due to this fascination I have a tendency to collect more than I need.  So, I have engaged Craigslist to purge a few items that I have decided would be better served in another home.

A few weeks ago I sold a dresser using the ever faithful Craigslist.  During this transaction I met a delightful little lady named Misty.  She said she was going to re-vamp this dresser.  I thought when she drove away with our discarded little dresser that would be the last I would see of it.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear from her a few days later.  Misty sent me a picture of her hard work!  I asked her if I could share the fantastic BEFORE & AFTER of my newest follower.  Take a look at Misty’s amazing project!

Craigslist Dresser Before
Craigslist Dresser After

Thank you Misty for sharing your amazing project with us!

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