Breaking Bad…Design

"Breaking Bad" Los Pollos Hermanos!

BIG NEWS!!! My firm has been selected to design and manage the remodel of the corporate offices to “Los Pollos Hermanos!”  For all you Breaking Bad fans out there.  Los Pollos Hermanos is a fast food restaurant that was the featured heavily in the show.  The most common questions I get are…”Wow!  That is a real place?”  Yes that is a real place it just has a different name.  The real name is “Twisters!”  the second question I get is “do they pay you in burritos?”  Sadly no…

I will be excited to share the progress of this amazing project over the next few months.  Below you will see a few images of the office as it is now.  When we are done it will be a whole new space!!!


Twisters Corporate office BEFORE!  We will be building walls, tearing down walls, updating every surface, installing interesting glass features, selecting and installing new furnishings…  In general just making it feel less like a submarine!


This will become a board room


Front Entry BEFORE.  Hmmm… not quite the first impression the client wants.


Another Front Entrance BEFORE!  We will remove the police station window, and create a very open, modern, welcome area.


Second Floor BEFORE.  All new construction.  We will put in a conference room, lobby, and 4 offices.  This is going to be a BIG transformation!  Stay Tuned!!!

Walter White Drivers Lisence

One last fun picture for the Big Breaking Bad fans!

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