Best Interior Designer AGAIN! – A Little Spotlight for this Little Designer


When I was a little girl, my folks not only allowed me to explore my creativity but they truly encouraged me to put my touches on the family home. Admittedly, some of my childhood designs were a bit more successful than others. My childhood home housed 9 people and in order to keep everything running smoothly my parents required hard work, a “can do” attitude and ample amounts of innovation. Those lessons have stuck with me and have guided me in my adult life. Perhaps it was fate that I became an interior designer and today I aspire to put into practice all the lessons I’ve learned from my parents.

I feel so very honored when my clients invite me into their home or business and allow me to work with them to create a space that makes them happy. I love it when my clients tell me what we have designed is exactly what they were hoping for. It is amazing when you, my readers, encourage me with your kind words about our designs. Truly, the best part of my business is the relationships that I’ve made. I do not take for granted the trust each of my clients bestow upon me.

When I started my business, I looked for ways to get my name “out there” that would be both effective and free. I had to find clients to hire me but I did not have any money to advertise using traditional methods. So, I made a business profile on without really knowing how it would work out for me. Boy oh boy, did that decision ever pay off! has been an outstanding partner for my business. Not only are potential clients able to find my design firm and (hopefully) hire me through, but I also frequently use it to find other contractors, mostly small and local, who offer services I or my clients need. has been a godsend and continues to be an integral part of our marketing.

Each year, recognizes extraordinary businesses on their site. I’m honored that has selected my business for a featured spotlight. This comes on the heals of their announcement that for the second year they have awarded my design firm, Blue Eye Interiors, as the # 1 Interior Designer in Albuquerque! The wonderful clients that have found me through, have given me truly exceptional ratings and I am humbled and honored to each of them for their incredibly kind words.

I am grateful every day to be able to do what I love. There have been challenges and I know there will be more but I have the support of my loved ones, an amazing staff, and I am partnered with some phenomenal clients. Therefore, I know the sky is the limit for the future.

2016 has already been a great year and there are many wonderfully exciting things in the works for the rest of this year. I am eager to share them with you all when the time comes. Thank you all for being on this journey with me! Thank you to my wonderful clients and to Thumbtack for the recognition. We will not rest on our laurels. We will celebrate and we will continue to strive for the best customer experience in design! Best interior designers for 2015 and 2016 is just the beginning.


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