Cover Shot

I know what you are thinking.  Do I have to be a teenager to have cool lights like that in my room?  Well that is what my husband asked.  This was such a fun project to build.  A video will be coming soon on how to build your own LED light shelf.  But for now, here are some fun transformation pictures.

This is a small room so we really needed to maximize the the space.  I need to create the opportunity to display collectibles, sports awards and family pictures.   The challenge often time with youth rooms and small spaces it to do just that without the space feeling cluttered.  My solution was to build a small display shelf that went the entire perimeter of the room about 13″ from the ceiling.  I also wanted to bring some drama and interaction into the space for him.  So I installed the LED lights into the shelves.  These lights have several different colors and settings so he can really personalize them to his mood.  I hope you find some inspiration in this space.  Boy did we have fun with it!

Before We Started

During The Process

I selected two different wall colors. One color is the primary wall color. The other color is only painted at the line the shelf will be placed and then above the shelf. I also chose to take that color all the way onto the ceiling. I think it brings a lot of depth to the room!


Stay tuned for the Video HOW TO on these shelves. What kind of cool projects are you working on in your home?

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