BEFORE AND AFTER- Comfort Done Classy!


How do we create comfortable, functional homes that are still beautiful and classy?  This was exactly what I was asked to do for one of my clients.   Often times clients worry that if they don’t have the means to change the entire space or update all the features that the space won’t feel complete.  Don’t be discouraged!  I will show you how to create a beautiful, comfortable, sophisticated home with a few additions, color choices, and capitalizing on the homeowners creative accessories!

Sometimes home improvement can be overwhelming.  As you will see in the room below,  infusing rich color, carefully placed wall decor, and well placed furniture makes for a fantastic before and after!

Comfort Done Classy, Red Sectional, Room Makeover, Traditional

My sweet homeowner has traveled extensively.  She has gathered some really special items that we used to show her personality and create a beautiful home.

Picture Wall Before

A small change that made a BIG impact was in the artwork

Picture Wall Before.  All the art is lined up along the hallway.
Picture Wall Before. All the art is lined up along the hallway.

Picture Wall After 

Creating more interest by grouping art. HUGE DIFFERENCE!

Grouping art together creates interest.  Making a huge difference!

But the real star of the show was this special little lady


Show me how you bring some classy comfort into your home!

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