BEFORE AND AFTER- Coffee Table to Console Table With Gold Inlay


Oh Boy! I finally made something my daughter said was cool!  Who knew that was possible? I had this itch to make an entry table/console table/sofa table…(can you tell I can’t decide just what to call this piece?)  I wanted to build it out of a coffee table.  Mostly because I loved the idea of cutting a table in half!  I found this coffee table at my local thrift store for $35.  I knew it would be perfect for this project.  The best part was how easy this was to do!

Home decor ideas are never what I am short of.  Time to get them all done, now that I need more of.  I was so excited to finally get at this fun furniture project.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

Coffee Table Before

Coffee Table Measure using a T Square

Mark the cut lines with masking tape

mark on the tape where to cut

I used a T-Square and masking tape to make my cut line marks for my cut lines.  I knew I might get mixed up on what side of the tape I was going to cut so I also marked my tape with arrows.  If you don’t get silly like me than you don’t have to take this extra step.

A circular saw is fantastic for projects like this.  One thing I have learned (the hard way) is that they are hard to keep on a straight line.  There is an easy solution for this.  Place your blade on the starting point lined up with your cut line.  From there clamp a scrap piece of wood to your project.  This will act as a guide for your saw.

I needed legs for the back of the new table.  What better to use but the base of the original table?  When I stood the base up it was just a little too tall so I cut a bit off the top and a bit off bottom so that the crossbar would hit the center of the new table.  I propped up the table as I cut the back supports to make sure I was measuring it at just the right height.  However, I think the kitty litter is not quite the accessory I have in mind.

A SUPER COOL TRICK!!!- If you intend to paint your project, a little painters caulk in the gaps and cracks make a WORLD of difference!  Then I sanded the piece just enough to make the paint adhere.

I have a crush on black and gold right now.  I thought this table had the perfect lines to pull off crisp, sleek, gold inlay paint work.  I masked off the design I had in mind.  I knew I was going to use spray paint for the gold inlay.  I didn’t want to get spray off on the black so we covered the table with plastic.  Before painting the gold I sprayed the design with black.  This seals the area so that you have crisp lines.  Then I painted the gold on top.  After giving it all a few hours to dry I removed all the tape and plastic.  Revealing the inlay design.  Isn’t that the best part?!

In June I will show you the Albuquerque the Magazine article where I teach you how to make the fun harringbone inspired lamp on this console table!

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