Barn Door Shutters DIY!

Barn Door Shutters DIY

In my pursuit to overhaul my front entry, I decided my window was a bit sad.  It needed to hit the gym and get pumped up a bit!  The solution was a very simple barn door shutter!  The best part about these shutters is that they can be made in one afternoon!  If only I could get these kind of instant results from the gym.  DARN!  Now my window has texture, balance, and a rustic quality.  In this post I share the easy steps to make these shutters on your own.


  • Tongue and groove pine boards
  • 2″x1/4″ pine board
  • Stain
  • Wood Screws
  • Miter Saw

Get your motor running pals!  You will be done with this project before you realize you are even started!

STEP ONE- Measure your window.  

Cut Tongue and Groove boards

Measure the height of your window.  My window is 60″ tall so I needed my shutters to be 60″ long. You will need 3 board per shutter.

STEP TWO- Glue Boards Together

Glue tongue and groove together
Tongue and groove

Place a small bead of wood glue between each board.  Pound the boards together until the board are tightly sealed.

STEP THREE- Attach detail support boards

Measure top and bottom of shutter

Measure 2 1/2″ from top and bottom of shutter.  Make a mark.

Cut bottom and top support

Measure the total width of your shutter.  Cut a bottom and top support the width of your shutter


Screw the top and bottom support to the shutter with wood screws. (Drill pilot holes so the pine board support doesn’t split)

Mark the angle for the center pine board detail boards.  Set your miter saw to the appropriate angle.  My angle was 25 degrees.  Yours might be different.  Attach the center pine board detail board with pilot holes and wood screws

STEP FOUR- Stain the Shutters

Stain Shutter

When mounting your shutters to your home, be sure to use the appropriate anchor for your exterior material.  My home is stucco so I needed to use Stucco Anchor Screws found here.  Be sure to use a level when installing to ensure your shutter doesn’t have a case of the wonkey’s!


Barn Door Shutters DIY

I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out.  I hope you all have as much fun as I did making them.  Please share with me and all your friends your outstanding projects!

I would just be tickled to see what you create!  If you like what you see here at Blue Eye DIY please share these posts and others with your friends and become one of my pals here!

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