Ask me anything!

I’ve been a designer for 18 years, and I never get tired of talking to people about their homes.  I have learned a few tips tricks and techniques over the years. Sometimes people don’t necessarily want to hire a designer but they would really appreciate the opportunity to just ask a question every now and then. Please don’t hesitate to ask me those questions.

Jessica has done just that. Her question is:

“I want to paint my baby girl’s room, but I am not quite sure what color to paint it yet. I haven’t selected the bedding or curtains yet, and I don’t know in what order to do everything. Should I paint first then pick furnishings or should I get the room furnished then pick a paint color?”

Jessica this is a great question! I think that a lot of people can relate with your situation. My advice is to select your bedding or decor first. The options for those items will be more limited. Find something that you really love and then work off of that. You might think you know the colors you want, but then be surprised by an adorable bedding set or a cute piece of decorative art. You will have an endless supply of paint selections so I would select that after you have your basic decor items selected. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Share with us your baby’s room!

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