Afraid of wallpaper? Get the look with paint!

Do you find yourself attracted to the look of wallpaper but afraid of the long term commitment?  Great news! Now you can have it all.  Follow the steps below to get this fantastic look!

Dining Before 02

Dining Room Before

Step OnePick a color– Using the same color but simply changing the sheen I was able to create a chic wallpaper look.

Items needed

  • Paint in selected color in flat sheen
  • Paint in selected color in high gloss sheen
  • Masking tape
  • Paint brush
  • Paint rollers
  • Measuring tape
  • Calculator

Note– if you decide to paint your room a dark color I recommend a paint and primer combination.  This will most likely only be offered in the flat sheen.  It is not necessary that you have primer in the high gloss.

Step 2- Paint the entire room with selected room color in flat sheen.  Let dry completely ideally overnight.

Step 3- Measure your room and determine the size of your stripes and how many stripes you will have.  I simply used a piece of graph paper and sketched out a quick diagram so I could visualize where the stripes were going to start and stop.  My worst fear was that I was going to end up with two shiny stripes next to eachother.  Never Fear!

Step 4- Mask off the area that will become the stripe.  I like to place an X in pencil on the area that will not be painted so I don’t get confused.

NOW THIS IS A COOL TRICK! Ever try to paint stripes?  The anticipation of the moment when you can finally pull the tape off… only to find the paint has bled under the tape!   Well, never again!

When you have masked off your stripe.  Before painting the new color paint over your tape with the color that is under the paint.  This will create a seal so that the new color can’t bleed under the paint.  The only paint that has bleed under is already under the tape.  This will create the crisp, clean lines every time!

Step 5– Now paint every other strip with your high gloss paint.

Look at that!  You just made your very own custom faux wallpaper!

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