A grateful girl

When my kids were toddlers I had a jar with the words “I WANT” written on the jar.  Any time they said anything like “mommy I want chocolate milk” they would have to put a nickle in the jar.  But if they said thank you when I brought them chocolate milk, they could have a nickle out of the jar.  They also could get a nickle out of the jar if they said “Mommy please can I make chocolate milk?”.  It was important that my kids learned a couple things.  First, I wanted my children to learn that they aren’t entitled to anything.  If they “want” something they have to work for it.  They have to earn it. The second thing I wanted them to learn is that if we are given something to show gratitude.

I have “wanted” a business of my own as long as I’ve understood what that meant.  A business isn’t like chocolate milk.  Nobody can run into the kitchen and grab it for me.  I really do have to do the work to make this successful.  However, there are several people that I can honestly say this would not have happened without them.  So I must take my own parental advice and express my thanks.

In college we had a project where we were asked to create a logo and marketing packet for ourselves.  My professor actually used mine as an example of what NOT to do!  So needless to say, I really couldn’t have done this without my friend Jessica.  She is an AMAZING graphic artist.  I was able to tell her my ideas and she would climb into my brain, pull them out, and make them adorable!  Please check out her ETSY store at https://www.etsy.com/shop/JoyfulPrintables).  Here is just a sampling of some of the work you will see there.


I have tortured my family over the years with my kookie ideas, and schemes for the future.  No matter what the ideas, they always were excited, engaged and loving.  I really do owe a huge thank you to ALL my family.  Thank you for your endless patience and support.


My man.  This is the hardest for me to express.  This truly wouldn’t be happening without you.  You work tirelessly to support us in every way so that I can pursue my passions.  When you make my dreams, your dreams…What girl could ask for anything better?

Already this has been more fun, more exhausting, more scary and more thrilling than I ever imagined.  I know this was the right decision.

Thank you to each of YOU.  The reader.  Every time you Subscribe, Like, Share and Hire, I hope you know you just made a girl’s dreams come true!

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