7 Simple Steps to Create an ALL NEW Item – DIY


How many of you have stray furniture items that you hold onto with great intentions to do “something cool with it someday”?  That is exactly what we did with this project!  Give me an old indian rug folded in the corner, a discarded bench from a past dining set and this girl is ready to make new rustic upholstered seating!  WOOT WOOT! Below you can find the step by step tutorial for this simple DIY.

BENCH- step 1

Step 1Remove the top from the base.  There should be just a few screws holding it on.  Keep them in a safe place.  You will need them to put the top back on when you are done.

BENCH- Pic 2

Step 2 – Cut Foam- lay your top down on a piece of 2″ foam.  Use a marker to define your area to be cut out.  Use an electric knife or a small hack saw to cut out your area of foam.  (I prefer an electric knife like the knife you might use to cut the turkey at thanksgiving.  I couldn’t find my blades so this little hack saw worked just fine)

BENCH- pic 3

Step 3Adding Batting – Cut a piece of quilters batting to size, using spray glue on the entire surface of the foam, adhere the batting to the foam.  This will create softer edges and a more professional look.

BENCH- pic 4

Step 4 – Add Rug To Top- Find the part of the rug pattern that you like to display on the top of your bench.  I played around with a few different options.  Then cut out the area with about 4 inches excess on each side.  Fold over each side pulling taught.  Staple to the underside about an inch from the edge.  After you have finished stapling the rug on all four sides, cut the excess off.

BENCH - Pic 5

Step 5 – Finishing the Corners – On each corner you will have extra folds of fabric, kind of like my body after kids….  Here is the solution!  (well for the bench)  First make a cut about 1 inch away from the bench.  Tuck both raw edges into the crease of the corner.  As if you are wrapping a present.   Using a needle and thread sew the edges together.  This will ensure the seams to don’t pop open when someone sits on the bench.  TIP- When sewing upholstering look in your local fabric store for curved needles.  Boy will they make your life easier!  

BENCH -pic 6

Step 6 – Antique the base- Paint your wood a light color of you choice.  I selected a green color that complimented the colors in the rug.  After the paint has dried to the touch.  Sand away some of the finish working especially on the edges.  Then using a darker stain and rag,  apply stain in a circular motion.  Rubbing from outside and removing more stain as you move inward.  TIP- Antiquing is the process of making something look old.  Think of how an item ages.  Items receive more wear on the edges and where items are handled.  

BENCH - pic 7

Step 7 – Adding Nail Head – Mark with ruler where you want your nail head.  Use a small nail to create starter holes.  Then nail in each of your decorative nail heads.  Sometimes I will use a soft cloth between the nail head and the hammer so the nail head doesn’t get damaged.

Bench upcycle from old rug

Re-attach the top and you have a BEAUTIFUL new bench!!!

Show me some of your before and after’s!

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