5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Interior Designer!


Ever think that it might be nice to have the help of an Interior Designer but worry the designer will take over and not listen to your home decor ideas?  Ever feel like hiring a designer is a bit pretentious?  Do you worry that a designer will cost too much?  Do you like the idea of having someone give you some direction but feel like your job isn’t important enough?  You are not alone!  These are common concerns.  I’m here to tell you that a good designer should be on your side completely.  They should make you feel like no job is unimportant.  Here are 5 questions to ask a potential designer, to be sure you are hiring the perfect designer for you.

1.How do you decide on a style to implement? ” –

The style of the designer is NOT important.  A good designer will be lead by YOUR style.  It is our job as a designers to make sure your personality, style, ideas and needs are being met.  We are here to create YOUR vision.  Of course we have our skills and talents we bring to the table, but you as the client should feel that your needs are leading the design.

2. “This is my budget.  Can you work with that?”  –

First it is important that you have an estimated budget you are interested in spending on a project.  This helps you and all vendors to know how to help you stay in your comfort zone.   A good designer will know their abilities within a budget.  If they feel they can accomplish your goals within your budget they will tell you.  However, if they feel that the budget needs to be re-evaluated this will be the opportunity.   Talking about the budget allows both you and the designer to have clear communication from the beginning regarding expectations and eliminates the concern that your job isn’t good enough.

3. “I have ideas I just don’t know where to start. Can you help me get started?”-

A good designer will never make you feel like YOUR ideas aren’t important.  If you are just looking for a plan, the right designer will be happy to give you a plan to go forward.  To be honest, not all designers and design firms will be open to this idea.  However, the design world is changing and homeowners are becoming more and more educated. Today designers can act more as a consultant to the great home decor ideas homeowners already have.

4. “What can I expect from this process?”-

What you expect for the process might not be what is REALLY going to happen.  It is important that both you and the designer have the same expectations moving forward.  If you want your designer to help you select wall colors, shop for your furniture, or create digital floor plans,  make sure you ask for that.  Don’t make any assumptions.  If they haven’t offered the services you are interested in, be sure to ask.  They might be willing and capable but had not realized you were interested.  Also, If they offer something that doesn’t interest you let them know.  A good designer will make sure YOUR needs are met.

5. “What is your primary form of communication?”-  

Working with a designer is building a relationship.  It is important that as the client, you can relate well with the designer.  Make sure the designer you hire is someone you like.  This may seems silly, but it is really important!  Don’t hire the one that has the best resume’.  Hire the designer that you can communicate the best with.  Ultimately, design is about communication.  You will need to relay your ideas to them and hope they understand what you are trying to explain.  This will be a very frustrating situation if you don’t have a good relationship with them, or the most rewarding if you find someone that just gets you!

I hope these questions help if you are considering hiring a designer.  We really are a lot of fun to work with and can make your home decorating experience very rewarding!

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