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Blue Eye Interiors offers commercial and residential design services.
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We specialize in large-scale residential remodels and commercial design.

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Renovation with Color Living Room


Our portfolio includes a variety of work samples to give you a sense of timeline and budget for each project.

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"Letisha is fantastic to work with ... She had great input and suggestions that I never would of thought of. I plan on having her come back in for some other projects and help consult with them." -Review by gravesae on Houzz

"My husband and I decided to spruce the place up ... Letisha Perry came into our lives and was more than we'd hoped for. She is a great listener, timely counselor, knows when to nudge and when to back off and is a consummate professional. Best of all, with her help, we GOT IT DONE and done right with her insight and industry knowledge. She helped us choose carpet colors, upholstery, window coverings in addition to wall, cabinet and exterior trim paint. My husband and I enjoyed our summer into fall decorating project and the finished results with few disagreements because we were partnered with Letisha." -Review by Kathi Foy on Houzz

"Letisha Perry is a very professional and creative person. She came into my new condo and has a gift of vision - being able to see practical, pleasing solutions for space ... I am totally thrilled with the work Letisha did and she was very affordable and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Letisha Perry as your interior designer." -Review by lesleyanne_schaffer on Houzz

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